Lab Grown Diamonds, Right Choice?

Q&A about Lab-Grown Diamonds with Graduate Gemologist Ken Black

In recent years, the introduction of Lab Grown diamonds has made quite a few waves. Unless you’re a Gemologist, you might have questions about these mysterious marvels of science, so we pulled together a quick Q&A to determine if this is the right choice for you.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Real Diamonds?

Yes, Lab Grown diamonds are real.  It is important to know that they are completely authentic diamonds.  These diamonds are atomically identical to mined diamonds. The difference  is that they are grown in the laboratory simulating the earth’s process of heat and pressure.  Natural diamonds are composed of 99.5% carbon and .5% nitrogen while Lab Grown diamonds are 100% carbon.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Cheaper?

Yes.  If there is one massive perk to buying a Lab Grown diamonds is the price. You  can generally save upwards of 50% versus a natural diamond of comparable specifications.  The process of creating this diamond is much faster in a controlled setting taking only a few weeks to create.  Prices may vary with this type of diamond based on size, cut, and color.

Are all Lab Grown Diamonds Created Equal?

No. Much like regular diamonds, Lab diamonds  come in different price points. They vary in different colors, cuts, and clarity. They have not perfected the process.  All the materials in manufacturing process is not the same so you will find lesser quality stones from different manufactures. Buying these diamonds online can be confusing.

It is important to  work with a reputable jeweler and if possible, view the diamonds in person.  Online purchasing can mislead and often the cut and color can be inaccurate from what is advertised. Our company believes that customers should always be given what they pay for, which is why we believe you should view at least three stones side by side with a Graduate Gemologist to accurately assess the quality of the diamond.  A good idea is to have certifications from a reputable grading lab such as  GIA

How do I know if  a Lab Grown Diamond is right for me?

Choosing between mined and non-mined is a personal choice that differs for everyone, which is why we proudly offer both to our customers.  A Lab Diamond may be right for you if:

  • You desire a stone that is 100% conflict-free.
  • If your future partner does not have a preference for a natural diamond that was formed deep within the Earth.
  • You are not worried about the future the value as the Lab diamonds may not hold its value
  • Price is important to your budget

Philadelphia Diamond Company specializes is engagement rings, wedding bands and custom designs.  We have Graduate Gemologists available for a free virtualconsultation if you are looking to purchase a diamond.

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